Nation's first Native American television network now on the air in San Bernardino

Charles Fox, FNX Executive Director
Photo by Gabriel Luis Acosta The Sun

SAN BERNARDINO - The country's first Native American television network went on the air this week, fulfilling a dream the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and San Bernardino-based KVCR television have been working toward for years.

First Nation Experience TV - which shows documentaries, news and other programs focusing on Native American culture around the clock - turned out to be the dream of so many others that it needed to be almost instantly expanded, said KVCR President and CEO Larry Ciecalone.

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The moment FNX went on the air

FNX Executive Director Charles Fox, San Manuel Vice Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena, FNX Operating Board Chairman Tim Johnson, and KVCR/FNX President/CEO Larry Ciecalone push the button that launched the first all-Native television channel in the United States.
Photo by Ken Shoji
FNX Executive Director Charles Fox, San Ma

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Welcome to FNX!

FNX Executive Director Charles Fox, Communications Strategist Valerie Taliman (Navajo) and President/CEO of KVCR/FNX Larry Ciecalone welcome you to engage us and share input on what you'd like to view on FNX. Please send your comments to
Photo by KVCR

Welcome to FNX: First Nations Experience Television!  Today we made history with the launch of FNX, a TV channel dedicated to Native people and our cultures, events and news.  We’ll be sharing authentic voices and stories reflecting the reality of the Native American experience and that of indigenous peoples worldwide.

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