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  • Why Treaties?

    Host John Parsons, brings viewers on a journey of understanding as he strives to grasp the differing world views that motivated tribal leaders, settlers, and the United States government of the 19th Century. Why Treaties? focuses on the 1863 “Old Crossing Treaty” in which the Red Lake and Pembina bands of the Chippewa ceded some 11 million acres of land to the United States Government.

    Why Treaties? – July 20 at 6PM PT / 9PM EST



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Sharing Circle : 01:30 - 02:00

In this half hour of The Sharing Circle, we meet Patrol Sergeant Cecil Sveinson. Cecil doesn't fit our stereotype of the typical Winnipeg Police Service patrol sergeant. Born on the Poplar River First Nation on the North East edge of Lake Winnipeg he was a child of the 60's scoop. Cecil grew up in Winnipeg's inner city with his adoptive family and in his youth, never even considered becoming a cop. In this episode of The Sharing Circle, we also follow the service's latest recruit class through their Aboriginal cultural awareness training, we hear from spiritual advisors David Blacksmith and his wife Sheryl, we talk to Winnipeg's newly appointed Chief of Police Keith McCaskill and our cameras follow two general patrol officers on a typical night on the job.