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  • Blue Gap Boyz

    In the small town of Blue Gap, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation three brothers known as James (Ernest David Tsosie, III), Jessie (Vincent Craig), and Jodie (James Bilagody).combine their talents to form the greatest band, (because it's the only one), Blue Gap has ever known! The youngest of the three, James, a full time custodian at the local school, has the responsibility of being the band's manager. James got the job as manager because he can't play any instruments and/or sing and they didn't have any other choices. The other two brothers, Jessie and Jodie, are the semi talented driving force behind the struggling band.


    Premiering February 24 at 6PM (PT) 9PM (ET) on FNX!



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Every year in Canada 25,000 children have a mother in prison. With women being the fastest growing prison population in the world, this number will only continue to rise. The sudden separation causes a tremendous amount of grief, isolation, and co nfusion, for both mother and child, and the children are more likely to turn to crime themselves by adolescence. Maintaining a strong mother/child bond throughout incarceration can help break the cycle, but institutions don't always have adequate funding, programming or space for visitation. When Mom's in Jail examines the effects of incarceration on women and children, and what one organization is doing to help heal families.