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  • Looking From Our Roots

    Mirando Desde Nustras Raices – Looking From Our Roots is an original series from FNX bringing traditional storytelling and culture views from an Indigenous perspective. Many of these Indigenous cultures reside in the Mountains of the Mexican States of Nayarit Jalisco and San Lous Potosi, Mexico.  Their stories, language, history and people are featured on this series. 


    Looking From our Roots (Mirando Desde Nuestras Raices) - (Series) February 11 at 6PM PT / 9PM EST



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Native Report : 06:30 - 07:00

On this edition of Native Report the dream like works of artist Rabbett Before Horses Strickland have been compared to those Renaissance masters, we learn about his inspiration and his life. The murder of legendary Ojibwe Chief Joe White is the subject of a gripping historical study that encapsulates the decades-long struggle of an Ojibwe community to resist removal, we interview the author. And to celebrate our 10th season on public television stations we delve into the Native Report archive for a tribute to the late Richard Milanovich, Chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.