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  • Forging Bonds: Pow Wow Stories from California

    Pow Wow Stories from California (Documentary, 30 Min)

    In September of 2015 FNX - First Nations Experience team members worked with representatives from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in San Bernardino California to document the beginnings of the Southern California Pow Wow Circuit, Traditionally, California Tribes did not have Pow Wows, but celebrated their culture with family and friends within small getherings known as fiestas. 

    Forging Bonds: Pow Wow Stories from California, offers a perspective from tribal members from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians and Morongo Band of Mission Indians on how and why the Pow Wow culture became incorporated into their celebrations and the importance of including and growing these events. 

    Forging Bonds: Produced/Edited by Robin Underwood - Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Associate Producers; Tom Ramos & Ken Shoji, Executive Producers: Frank Blanquet and Alfredo Cruz, In Association with The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, FNX is a division of KVCR and The San Bernardino Community College District.

    Forging Bonds, Pow Wow Stories from CALIFORNIA, An FNX Original Story © 2016



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