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  • Cousins Across The Sea

    The Peoples of the Pacific tells the story of the provenance of the Polynesian People - an in depth investigation into the legends, the folklore, the hidden histories and scientific evidence that verifies the stories of the people of the Pacific. Searching beneath the stones and crevices of mysterious burial practices and suppressed writings, unearthing ancient artifacts and oral histories, explorers Gabi Plumm and Peter Marsh delve into the controversy that surrounds the origins of the Polynesian people, revealing tales of guarded legends that expose the startling truth.  


    Cousins Across The Sea premieres April 13 at 6pm (PT) 9pm (ET) on FNX!



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After The Gold Rush : 09:00 - 10:00

As world leaders debate the causes and effects of global warming, we take a look at yet another example of man's damaging behaviour on the environment. In the light of BHP's decision to exit the giant Ok Tedi gold and copper mine in Papua New Guinea, this weeks Journeyman documentary asks what happens when a foreign mining company bails out of a big project in a developing country? Who wins? Who loses?